Judy at Laguna Bend

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Judy at Laguna Bend

In Night City, Laguna Bend is a location located in the Badlands region, which is a desert area outside of Night City. The area is known for its breathtaking and rugged natural beauty, featuring vast stretches of red rocks, sand dunes, and canyons.

As you explore Laguna Bend in the game, you’ll come across various landmarks, including abandoned buildings and gas stations, as well as rock formations that are perfect for climbing and exploring. The landscape is dotted with cacti and other desert plants, adding to its unique and beautiful charm.

One of the most popular areas to visit in Laguna Bend is the flooded Ghost Town, an abandoned settlement that was once home to miners and their families. The town is now a ghostly reminder of a bygone era, with crumbling buildings and rusted equipment.

Overall, Laguna Bend offers a stark contrast to the neon-lit and futuristic Night City, and its beautiful and rugged landscape is a testament to the natural beauty that still exists in Night City.


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