9 Partly Secret Under Water Locations You Didn’t Know In Los Santos

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1. The UFO

Underwater UFO

There have been reports of underwater UFO sightings off the coast of North San Andreas, which have fuelled numerous conspiracy theories. These sightings allegedly involve unidentified flying objects entering and leaving the water at high speeds, and witnesses have reported seeing strange lights and objects moving beneath the surface.

Some people have suggested that these sightings could be evidence of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth, while others have speculated that they are the result of secret military experiments or advanced technology being tested in the area.

However, without concrete evidence, it is difficult to determine the true nature of these sightings. 


This image is from a dive we had all four of us. I think the UFO lies at 70-80 yards. It is a little dark at that depth but digital cameras are great!

2. The Underwater Factory at Chumash

Underwater UFO

The underwater factory located in Del Perro is no longer used for any specific purpose.

However, citizens of Los Santos have come up with various theories and speculations about the factory’s purpose. Some believe that the factory could have been used for illegal activities such as weapons manufacturing, drug production, or money laundering. Others speculate that it could be a secret research facility where scientists conduct experiments on marine life or even develop new technologies.

No one knows how it got there and many speculate it is a secret government project.

Ultimately, the true purpose of the underwater factory in the water remains a mystery.


3. The Underwater Crashed Cargo Plane at Zancudo

Underwater UFO

The cargo plane is seen crashed in the waters outside of the Zancudo military base, and luckily the pilots managed to swim to the nearby beach and survive the crash.

The exact details of the crash are not provided, but visitors can find clues and evidence scattered around the crash site.

The cargo plane itself appears to be a military transport plane, and its cargo contained various military supplies and vehicles, including tanks and jeeps.

4. The Crashed Cargo Plane at Paleto Bay

Underwater UFO

The crashed cargo plane in Paleto Bay is connected to a man called Bogdan. Some underground entities were hired by a man named Bogdan to steal a nuclear submarine from a military base, but the heist is interrupted by the arrival of Russian agents who are trying to take control of the submarine.

The crashed cargo plane in Paleto Bay is believed to be connected to a presumed Russian invasion because it contains  military supplies and vehicles connected to Russis. Some officials have speculated that the cargo plane was carrying weapons and equipment that were intended for use in a Russian invasion.

But the underworld of Los Santos interfered and it showed up that Bogdan was here to warn Los Santos about renegade forces who tried to blackmail the government.

Additionally, there are various clues and references scattered around the crash site that suggest a Russian presence in the area. For example, players can find Russian flags, propaganda posters, and even a hidden submarine dock that appears to have been used by the Russian agents in the heist.

5. The Sunken Submarine

Underwater UFO

On the East coast of San Andreas north of Humane Labs you can find this sunken submarine. It was privatly owned and nothing was suspicious of the grounding. The owner was drunk after a week on Yellow Jack and it is believed that was the reason for the sinking.

6. The Merryweather Grave Yard

Underwater UFO

There is an underwater graveyard located outside of Humane Labs where Merryweather is said to dispose of their outdated military equipment such as tanks, jeeps, and trucks.

It is located in the ocean waters off the coast of the Humane Labs and Research facility, which is situated on the eastern side of the island.

The exact size and extent of this location are not specified, but it is possible to access this area and see the vehicles that have been dumped there.

It is worth noting that the disposal of military equipment in this manner would be highly illegal and environmentally hazardous in real life. However, Merryweather is known to not give five flat fucks about the environment.

7. The sunken Tug Boat

Underwater UFO







8. The sunken Container Ship

Underwater UFO

A few years a go a large container bumped into ground outside the East Coast of San Andreas. Everybody onboard was rescued, but containers were spread over a huge area of the bottom of the sea.

Insurrance covered everything except the cleanup of the sea.






9. The Sunken Wheel Steamer

Underwater UFO

This is The Missipi Drag Queen.  It was one of the largest steamboats ever built and provided luxury cruises on the Mississippi River. It was sold to a billionaire in Los Santos and continue sailing as a luxury cruiser between the main land  and the surrounding islands until it was retired.






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