10 best places to visit in San Andreas

Camping in San Andreas

I don’t spend much time in the simulation they call The Real World. I moved to Los Santos in 2016 with my family and I am never going to leave this place.

Every summer Dave and I go camping in the nature around Los Santos. This is our travel story from 2022.

RV and Journey

The nature around Los Santos is fantastic and it was a huge experience camping all over the island. This is supposed to be a guide helping you to move around and find the best places in San Andreas.

When you arrive in LSIA the first thing you need is transportation.

If you really want to enjoy the landscape fully call Southern San Andreas Super Autos and buy the BF Surfer. It’s only $11.000 and absolutely worth the money.

You can also contact Warstock Cache And Carry and buy a second-hand RV called Journey for $15.000.

I prefer the BF Surfer. It has room for two people. We threw two mattresses in the back and slept there when we were too tired to raise the tent.


1. Vespucci Beach

Vespucci Beach is a must! You can spend entire days at the beach or on the pier looking at shops or trying the world famous Ferris Wheel. In Santa Monica they build a copy of this!

There is life and people everywhere at Vespucci and there are several restaurants worth visiting here.

You can scuba dive and take a tour on jet ski. 

Musicians line up everywhere on the beach and the boardwalk and the mood here is always positive and happy.

2. Vinewood Walk of Fame

Vinewood Walk of fame

Take a walk at the iconic Vinewood Boulevard and look at all the stars.

Many famous people have a star here. Jock Cranley, Poppy Mitchell, Impotent Rage, Gordon Moorehead, and many, many more.

At Vinewood Boulevard there are many smaller shops here and the street is lively and very crowded with tourists.

You also find the Oriental Theater and Von Crastenburg hotel here.

3. Vanilla Unicorn

Vanilla Unicorn

On Elgin Avenue you find Vanilla Unicorn. A club for dancing through the night drinking all kinds of special drinks.

Vanilla Unicorn is not for the poor or the weak hearted. They have the finest strip tease the city can offer all night long and you are expected to make it rain a little on the girls.

You can get a private lap dance for almost no money

4. Zancudo River

Jet skiing on Zancudo River is fun!

Go to the north side of Alamo Sea and find a jet ski. They are located mostly on the beaches where you can use them for free if you can find them.

Go south and follow Zancudo River through an amazing landscape and you end up at the swamps under Zancudo Bridge just south of Fort Zanuodo .

You can also take the route under the Calafia Bridge and go through Raton Canyon.

5. Land Act Reservoir

Land Act Reservoir

Located in The Tataviam Mountains is the Land Act Dam and The Land Act Reservoir.

You can walk, drive or bike around the lake in a matter of two to three hours on foot and you can take a swim in the lake.

The dam is a spectacular sight.

6. Marlowe Vineyards

Marlowe Vineyards

Marlowe Vineyards is a small privately-owned winery. They produce some of the finest bottles in San Andreas.

They are open every day and you can have a guided tour on the premises and taste different vintages. The tradition goes back to 1800.

You can also rent a room with bed and breakfast and you can take a long walk in the mountains surrounding this 200 year old vineyard.

7. Mount Gordo Light House

El Gordo Light House has been abandoned long ago when radar became standard equipment on every ship. But it still stands in all her majesty and as you can see the sunset is very beautiful.

You can find Jet Skis below the Light House. They are free to use. If you go north you will find a lot of secluded beaches.

There are a lot of small islands in the waters and it is absoultely worth visiting some of them.


8. Mount Chiliad

Mound Chiliad

There is a long way to the top of Mount Chiliad. You can walk or bike on a few paths. On the other hand, there are normally no police on Mount Gordo so you can drive by car. But be careful. The paths are narrow!

One is starting from the South of Grape Seed right next to the Alamo Fruit market.  You can rent cabins on Grapeseed ave 100 yards from the path.

In the north end, right beside The O’Neils farm, there is another path. Actually, there are two. One goes to the right and the other goes left on two different ridges.

Behind the sawmill in Paleto Bay, there is a path with more branches so you can make this a longer trip if you want.

At Cassidy Creek Bridge where Raton Canyon delta of ends there is a long beautiful path where you pretty much can experience the entire mountain and its surroundings.

9. Lake Trinity

Lake Trinity

Lake Trinity is pretty hard to find. It is a 5-mile walk from the highway to Grapeseed. At the intersection at Senora Fwy. and Union Rd. turn right and follow the road to Cape Catfish and Grapeseed. Turn right under the bridge and follow Catfish View to El Gordo Light House.

Here the mountain path starts and you have to walk all the way to Lake Trinity.

You can camp here and swim in the little lake. The water is always fresh.

The first image is from a trip with my sisters and the second is Dave and me relaxing for an entire weekend. We only had a tent, our campfire, and a small supply of food. And a bottle of wine of course!

Lake Trinity

10. Raton Canyon

Twilight at Raton Canyon is a spectacular experience. Nowhere else in the world will you be able to watch sunsets like these!

There are a lot of off-trail places you can park or set up a tent.

There are small waterfalls in the Raton Canyon River and it is a funny roller coaster swimming down and getting a fast dive. The river is 2 yards deep in the deepest place and you can do a lot of bass fishing here.

You can also rent a boat in Sandy Horses and speed up and down the river.

Sunset Raton Canyon
Sunset Raton Canyon

The bridge over Raton Canyon is extremely beautiful. It is the oldest bridge in San Andreas and if you are lucky, you can experience death-defying pilots flying under it.

The bridge got known during the escape of a gang that robbed the Pacific Standard Bank in Los Santos. They fled up here and disappeared through the river out on the open sea and were never seen again.

You can actually climb up the mountain side and walk on the bridge! But be careful! The train doesn’t stop!

San Andreas Map

Here is a map of San Andreas. There are 4 paths to the top of Mount Chiliad (numbered 8).

If you want to see all the places, make it a ten-day vacation and visit one place every day.

There are fantastic beaches all around the island so you can relax almost everywhere.

GTA Map San Andreas

See you in San Andreas!

Skinny Dipping

The weather is always sunny in San Andreas. There are occasional rain and it is only in the area around Humane Labs you risk a thunder storm. But then again, they are known to experiment with HAARP and other experimental stuff at Humane Labs.

The last week of the year in Los Santos it always snows.

I am confident you will never regret visiting San Andreas!

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