Trevor Phillips Once upon a time, in the bustling metropolis of Los Santos, there lived a man named Trevor Phillips. He was a man of many talents, but his true passion was crime. Trevor had a reputation for being one of the most ruthless and unpredictable criminals in...

Locked up

The Mission Row Police Station is a location in Los Santos. LSPD is the main police station. Located in the downtown area of Los Santos, the Mission Row Police Station is a large, multi-story building that serves as the main headquarters for the Los Santos Police...


The underwater UFO sighting in San Andreas refers to the Sunken UFO Wreckage that can be found off the northern coast of San Andreas. The Sunken UFO Wreckage is located just north of Procopio Beach and a few yards east of the large peninsula. The Sunken UFO Wreckage...

Waiting for the Night

The Night Chicago Died The night Chicago died was a night like no other. It was a time when the city was ruled by violence, corruption, and fear. At the center of it all was Al Capone, a notorious gangster who would stop at nothing to gain control of Chicago. Capone...


The Los Santos State Gas Company also called The Boobs of Los Santos is a state owned company that operates in the city of Los Santos. The company is involved in a corrupt scheme with the Los Santos Vagos gang to store cocaine in its gas storage tanks. The Los Santos...

Sunset at Raton Canyon

Raton Canyon is a beautiful and scenic location that can be found in the northern part of San Andreas, near the border with Blaine County. The canyon features stunning rock formations, flowing water, and lush vegetation, making it a popular spot for hikers, bikers,...

Creepy is my name

Creepy Deep in the bustling city of Gwang Ju, South Korea, there was a young girl named Debra Quincy, but she was known on the streets as Creepy. She was just six years old, but she was already a skilled pocket lifter, stealing what she needed to survive. As she grew...

Big Family

Here we have Creepy, Quiet, Weirdo, Talent, Tipsy, Davina, Melania, Neckbeard, Kelia, Egonia, Belicia, Yvonne. The Trinity Sisters are running their own semi-criminal enterprises all over Los Santos. The Trinity Sisters is a criminal organization in Los Santos that is...


Valerie in Night City Valerie’s story in Cyberpunk 2077 is a tragic one, filled with darkness and despair. After falling in with the wrong crowd – Dexter DeShawn, she found herself almost dead in a landfill. But her life took an even more dangerous turn...


The Rust Bucket. Valerie is a member of the nomad clan Aldecaldos. The car holds sentimental value to her, as it was the first car she ever owned and it belonged to her mother before her. She is loyal to the Aldecaldos and is willing to go to great lengths to help her...

The Criminal Master Mind $11.234.570

The Criminal Mastermind Challenge in Grand Theft Auto Online is the biggest paycheck you can get! The requirements are: All Heists in Order. Two Fleeca jobs with two different teams. Same Crew all the way. You can’t die.   The Fleeca Job – 2 persons...

From 0 to 120 in 14 days

This was a challenge I wanted to try out. Is it possible to go from Level 0 to Level 120 in Grand Theft Auto in 14 days? In these 250 videos, I show you what business to buy and what jobs to do in order to have money enough to buy the things you need. Day 14 ends with...

Leveling up

Soon To Come! GET READY! Creepy, Quiet & Weirdo with Talent & Tipsy prepares for Level 1000!   For the first time in the history of LS we have FIVE Grand Theft Auto criminals transitioning to FOUR digits! 4 attractive digits! And it is not a weight class!...

9 Partly Secret Under Water Locations You Didn’t Know In Los Santos

1. The UFO There have been reports of underwater UFO sightings off the coast of North San Andreas, which have fuelled numerous conspiracy theories. These sightings allegedly involve unidentified flying objects entering and leaving the water at high speeds, and...

10 best places to visit in San Andreas

Camping in San Andreas I don’t spend much time in the simulation they call The Real World. I moved to Los Santos in 2016 with my family and I am never going to leave this place. Every summer Dave and I go camping in the nature around Los Santos. This is our...


Trinity Sisters, Family Photo

The Girls

The Trinity Sisters. Sweet and loveable. Can’t see how they rob banks and sell drugs! Go to my YouTube Channel and check them out:


Trinity Sisters in the Studio Dr. Dre is a real-life musician and record producer in Los Santos who has a successful copy cat in real life. He is as a successful and wealthy rapper and record producer who owns a recording studio in Los Santos. The recording studio is...


Dexter DeShawn. The man who killed Valerie. Dex is a character in the video game Cyberpunk 2077. He is a fixer, a type of underworld middleman who connects clients with mercenary operatives. Dexter is known to be one of the best fixers in Night City, and he has a...


Judy Judy at her window in her pad. The rain is tumblin’ down. Creates a nice mood. Judy Alvarez is a major character in the video game Cyberpunk 2077. She is a member of the Moxes, a group of sex workers who operate their own club in Night City. Here is a...


Jackie and V disguised as Judy on their way to rescue Sandra Dorsett

Garry The Prophet

Valerie & Garry The Prophet

Now, listen…

Valerie and Garry the Prophet

Judy at Laguna Bend

Judy at Laguna Bend In Night City, Laguna Bend is a location located in the Badlands region, which is a desert area outside of Night City. The area is known for its breathtaking and rugged natural beauty, featuring vast stretches of red rocks, sand dunes, and canyons....

Judy & Valerie

Judy & Valerie

Judy & Valerie

Judy & Valerie

Valerie and Johnny Silverhand

Valerie and Johnny Silverhand enjoying the view after a short meditation

Flying Bike

Magical flying bike



Another V

Another V

US Cracks

Kerry Eurodyne meets US Cracks


Hot summer night in the Aldecaldo camp. The earth is very polluted and the temperature has risen 7-8 degrees. Even in the shadows, it is too hot. We need a lot of water.


Valerie is on her way to a job and finding someone who scored in basketball.


The voluntarily crucifixion of Jushua Stephenson.


Valerie and Judy romance. Kissing in Fingers’ basement in Jig-Jig street. The romance really started right after visiting Fingers to squeeze him for info on Evelyn Parker’s whereabouts.


Valerie exercising at Kerry Eurodyne’s mansion.


Valerie resting at Kerro Eurodyne’s mansion


V as Cleopatra at Kerry Eurodyne’s mansion.


V at Kerry Eurodyne’s mansion posing under his guitars.

Laguna Bend

Twilight at Laguna Bend. Our own private Atlantis can only be visited in diving suits as it has been flooded by two million hectoliters of water.

In Love!

Judy and V. romantic trip to Laguna Bend. Judy gives V. access to her pad after saving her from drowning under one of her relic seizures.

Laguna Bend Romance

Enjoying the morning at Laguna Bend with a cup of coffee.


Judy looks out the window in her apartment.


Valerie in the desert wearing nothing but sunglasses at the Aldecaldo camp.


Relaxing by the fire at the Aldecaldo camp in the evening with friends and warriors.

You OK?

Valerie lying on the ground between the trucks to cool off. Aldecaldo citizen bending over asking if she is OK.


Huggin and comforting each other in the Aldecaldo camp outside Night City in the Badlands.


A previous romance in the Aldecaldo Camp.


Talking. A previous romance that started the first time V. was in the Aldecaldo camp.

Hey You!

Judy looking at Valerie as she enters her apartment through the window.


The loss of Evelyn was hard on...

Judy & V


Silverhand & V

In the game Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny Silverhand is a key character who serves as the game’s deuteragonist. He is a former rockerboy and rebel who fought against the corrupt Arasaka Corporation in the 2020s. The relationship between Johnny and Valerie is not...


Judy at Sunrise

Judy watching the sunrise from the Aldecaldo camp.



My name is Cynn. I live in Night City. Until 1940 this city was called Los Angeles. Night city is enormous. 1,500 miles from east to west. It takes up most of California, Nevada, Utah, half of Mexico and a smaller part of Colorado. World government resides in Night...

Judy & V Romance

Judy and V are both part of the Resistance. There are a few things that maintain the power of Corpo government. The first is police and military. The second is technology. So they fight on two frontiers. On the military side, they haven’t got a chance. But most...

Panam In Love

Panem mostly steals tech and weapons from the government. That weakens their positions slightly but reinforces ours enormously.


This is Creepy. Image is taken in the mines.

The Undertaker

This is The Undertaker. Dave’s Yacht.

Los Santos

This is Los Santos seen from the top of the Mazebank building. This is MY city!


This is an accidental version of Michel Jacksons last guitarist Orianthi.  



Lester’s books about programming and...

Los Santos

Los Santos Los Santos is the biggest City in San Andreas. Here are some facts about Los Santos: Los Santos is located in the state of San Andreas, which is based on the state of California in the United States. The city is divided into several districts, each with its...

Yellow Jack Inn

The Yellow Jack Inn is a bar and restaurant in the northern region of San Andreas. It is located in the small town of Sandy Shores, just off the Great Ocean Highway. The Yellow Jack Inn is a popular hangout spot for the residents of Sandy Shores. It is known for its...



Ruiner Romance



The Fleeca Job The Fleeca Job involves robbing the Fleeca Bank near Del Perro. The heist consists of two parts: the planning phase and the execution phase. During the planning phase, the player must choose their approach to the heist (either the “Stealth”...

Bridge Over Raton Canyon

The Raton Canyon Bridge is a bridge located in the Raton Canyon area of San Andreas. It is a suspension bridge that spans across the Raton Canyon river, connecting the two sides of the canyon. The bridge is set in a scenic location, surrounded by beautiful natural...


The Undertakers The Undertakers is assumed to be a part of the larger criminal underworld of Los Santos, where organized crime syndicates often operate in various illegal activities such as drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, and money laundering. If this business do...

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