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Judy at her window in her pad. The rain is tumblin’ down. Creates a nice mood.

Judy Alvarez is a major character in the video game Cyberpunk 2077. She is a member of the Moxes, a group of sex workers who operate their own club in Night City. Here is a brief overview of Judy’s story:

Judy was born in Night City and grew up in the district of Heywood. She was a talented musician and dreamed of becoming a professional singer, but her dreams were shattered when her parents died in a car accident. To support herself, she turned to sex work and eventually joined the Moxes.

As a member of the Moxes, Judy found a sense of community and purpose. She became a skilled technician and helped to develop the Moxes’ surveillance and security systems. She also developed a close relationship with the Moxes’ leader, Evelyn Parker.

During the events in Night City, Judy meets her new romantic partner, V, and becomes a close ally and friend. She assists V in several missions, using her technical expertise and knowledge of Night City to help V navigate the city’s underworld.

Throughout the game, Judy struggles with her past and her feelings of guilt over her parents’ death. She also grapples with her feelings for her former partner, Valerie, and the difficulties of reconciling her work as a member of the Moxes with her personal life.

Judy is a complex and multifaceted character, with a rich backstory and a deep sense of compassion for those around her. She is a strong ally and friend to the player character and a key player in the game’s story.


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