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The Los Santos State Gas Company also called The Boobs of Los Santos is a state owned company that operates in the city of Los Santos. The company is involved in a corrupt scheme with the Los Santos Vagos gang to store cocaine in its gas storage tanks.

The Los Santos Vagos gang, which is a Mexican-American street gang, have strong ties to the gas company. The gang is shown to be involved in the transportation and storage of cocaine, which is then stored in the gas storage tanks owned by the company.

The reason for using the gas company’s storage tanks for cocaine storage is largely due to corruption within the company. Top level executives in the company and corrupt employees of the gas company are paid off by the Los Santos Vagos gang to turn a blind eye to their illegal activities and allow them to use the storage tanks.

Overall, the Los Santos State Gas Company is used as a symbol of the corrupt system that exists within the world og San Andreas, and its involvement in the cocaine storage scheme highlights the dangerous consequences of such corruption.



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