The Criminal Master Mind $11.234.570

Criminal Mastermind Challenge

The Criminal Mastermind Challenge in Grand Theft Auto Online is the biggest paycheck you can get!

The requirements are:

  1. All Heists in Order. Two Fleeca jobs with two different teams.
  2. Same Crew all the way.
  3. You can’t die.


The Fleeca Job – 2 persons doing this Fleeca. 2 other players doing another Fleeca.

Prison Break – Plane

Prison Break – Bus

Prison Break – Station Cops


Prison Break – Wet Work Mansion Team


Prison Break – Finale


Humane Labs Raid – KeyCodes


Humane Labs – Insurgents


Humane Labs – EMP


Humane Labs – Valkyrie


Humane Labs – Deliver EMP


Humane Labs – Finale


Series A Funding – Trash Truck


Series A Funding – Bikers


Series A Funding – Weed


Series A Funding – Steal Meth


Series A Funding – Finale


Pacific Standard – Vans


Pacific Standard – Vans


Pacific Standard – Hack


Pacific Standard – Convoy


Pacific Standard – Bikes


The Pacific Standard Job – Finale


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